Play With Heart

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[gdlr_tab title=”What is Play With Heart?”]Play With Heart is organized to prevent sudden cardiac death in youth sports communities (Ages 12-22) on a local, state and national level by providing programs designed to Screen, Save and Educate.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”When was it founded?”]The organization was born in the Summer of 2013 in Denver, Colorado.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Is the organization tax exempt?”]Yes![/gdlr_tab]


Primary Prevention Cardiac Screening

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[gdlr_tab title=”What is a Primary Prevention Cardiac Screen?”]It is a completely painless, non-invasive way to test the health of your heart.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Why should my youth athlete be screened?”]

A primary prevention cardiac screen (ECG, Electrocardiogram) can uncover “red flags” for hidden heart conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death in turn saving your youth athlete’s life. This is a proactive approach to dealing with sudden cardiac arrest and has been in practice around the world for many years.

Note: A new, NCAA funded research study supports the addition of electrocardiogram (ECG) screenings to the standardized, pre-participation exams for youth athletes to better identify cardiac abnormalities that lead to sudden cardiac death (SCD) – the leading cause of death in athletes during sport.

[gdlr_tab title=”How do I get my athlete screened?”]Play With Heart will be launching “Project Play With Heart” in 2014. This program with support of local physician groups, Fire/EMS departments, medical device manufacturers, and sports entities around the country will provide sports health fairs with a focus on cardiac screens.

Visit our CALENDAR to see when the next screen is or CONTACT US to schedule a screen in your area.[/gdlr_tab]


AED Information

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[gdlr_tab title=”What is an AED?”]An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart. The shock can stop an irregular rhythm and allow a normal rhythm to resume in a heart in sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is an abrupt loss of heart function. If it’s not treated within minutes, it quickly leads to death.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Why are AED’s important in youth sports?”]A youth athlete dies once every three days in the United States from sudden cardiac arrest, whether this is from a hidden heart condition or from Commotio cordis (an often lethal disruption of heart rhythm that occurs as a result of a blow to the area directly over the heart). If an AED is available on site and a trained responder uses it quickly, chances of saving a life jump from 5% up to 75%.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Are they portable?”]Absolutely, they can be fixed at a facility or can travel with teams indoor and outdoor ready for use at all times.[/gdlr_tab]

[gdlr_tab title=”How can I acquire an AED for my team?”]

Play With Heart has a program, Kickstart My Heart, that helps youth sports teams and facilities fund this life saving device. You just need to fill out one of our donation application and raise $500 as a “buy in” donation. We will put you on our waiting list and through our fundraising efforts and community partnership program, we will subsidize the balance of the AED package for your group.

Visit Kickstart My Heart.